Online registrations

Integrated into the event website

Online registrations

Online Registration Page embedded in the event website

We design the event Registration page according to your specifications and we embed it into the event website in a secure and aesthetical manner. We link it to the payment gateway of your convenience.

The registrations process will be 100% customizable and different tasks can be automated, such as confirmation emails, invoices generation, etc. The registration price can be adjusted depending on the delegate’s status (member or non-member, early-birds, etc.).

A back-office administration panel will be available, where you will have access to each registered participant’s file and you will be able to check the real-time selling data or different metrics such as participants’ age range, gender, origin, etc. You will be able to export participant’s data to EXCEL or other formats.


100% customizable

Personal details, fees, payment methods, emailings and more


Tailored options, such as discounts, group exceptions and additional concepts (meals, workshops...)

Administration panel

Visualize and manage the information and data from participants registered.

Real-time information

Sales, registrations... manage your event based on real-time data provided by our system.

24/7 Support

Technical support from the event inception until the conference closure.

Data verification

We create and deliver tailored forms in order to verify data from participants.

Payment gateway

We implement the payment method of your best convenience thaks to our multiple agreements with banks


Communicate with your event participants in an easy way

During the Congress preparation process it will be often necessary to communicate with the participants registered. We can link the database of participants registered to an emailing tool, so that you can easily generate and send any necessary messages when needed. Emails will have the corresponding corporate image template.

This way we make life easier to the Communication Committee during the Congress preparation process.