Real-time information, different technology possibilities


We offer different technological possibilities for access & presence control and capacity monitoring

Access control can be made through barcodes / QR codes, or through the less intrusive radiofrequency technology (RFID).

We provide advice to our customers about which technology would better suit their event and venue.

Much more than a simple badging and access control system

Our technology allows enhancing the delegates experience in the event

Badges incorporate the necessary specific information about each delegate, which allows managing discretional access permissions in an easy and secure way: access to specific sessions, meals, networking events…

The organizer can have real time information about how many participants are in each room, how many sessions each participant has joined, etc.

Furthermore, this technology allows interaction with the delegates that attend a particular session: sending out information about the specific session they have joined, asking them to rate the session, etc.

Meet the event capacity legal requirements

Event safety must be a priority

Frequently the legal framework states that, for events with an expected audience above certain amount of participants, a real time capacity monitoring is mandatory. Our system makes that requirement possible in an easy way.

The information provided can be also useful to know how much time has a person been attending sessions and which specific sessions, which facilitates sending certificates of participation automatically when required.

The organizer will be able to generate reports and statistics through a simple control panel.

Acceso restringido

RESTRICTED ACCESSFor restricted areas or rooms within an event

Acceso libre

FREE ACCESSThe registration includes access to the whole event

We meet all EU legal requirements concerning data protection